If you need assistance finding your next upgrade or need something not listed on our website, shoot us a message on facebook or email us at sales@faytownimports.com


Us guys at Faytown Imports are ready to help you repair your vehicle and install your newly purchased performance part(s) purchased through Faytown Imports LLC. We focus primarily on Volkswagen, Audi as well as "basic" BMW repairs but are fully capable of working on anything else our customers have.

As stated above we are on an appointment to appointment work schedule. If your  vehicle needs to be towed we wish for you to give us a notice so that we can prepare a spot to unload your vehicle as parking space is very limited.

We will NOT install parts brought in OR supplied by customers to be installed as we do not know the Condition/Quality of the supplied parts. THIS WILL BE AT OUR DISCRETION AND ANY WARRANTY WILL NOT BE EXPRESSED ON SUPPLIED PARTS OR DAMAGES TO VEHICLE AFTER VEHICLE HAS LEFT OUR SHOP DUE TO IMPROPER PARTS BEING SUPPLIED.





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Please leave your Vehicle YEAR MAKE MODEL and ANY relevant information about your vehicle as well as problems you wish for us to fix or diagnose.