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ARM Motorsports 2.0T Intercooler Piping Upgrade Kit increases power up to +15whp and improves airflow on your 2.0T engine. 

The 2.0T Piping Kit includes ARM Motorsports Turbo Outlet Pipe and Throttle Body Pipe to increase power and sound.

The OEM TOP is restrictive due to its small diameter piping. The ARM 2.0T Turbo Outlet Pipe measures 2.25" in diameter and is constructed of 6061 aluminum to support higher boost levels. 

Upgrading to an ARM 2.0T Turbo Outlet Pipe allows the turbo to flow the charged air faster which improves turbo spool. Expect torque to come on sooner with less turbo lag.

Included in the kit is a Boost-Proof adapter which protects against high boost levels from more advanced tunes. 


Audi 8P A3 FWD 2.0T TSI
Audi 8P A3 Quattro 2.0T TSI
VW EOS All 2.0T
VW Golf V All 2.0T TSI
VW Golf VI All 2.0T
VW Jetta V All 2.0T TSI
VW Jetta VI Sportwagen 2.0T
VW Jetta VI Sedan 2.0T
VW Jetta VI Sedan Facelift 2.0T
VW Jetta VI GLI 2.0T
VW Passat B6 FWD 2.0T TSI
VW Passat B7 FWD 1.8T Gen3