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APR Low Pressure Fuel Pump 2.0T EA113/EA888 Gen 1 (AWD)

Sale price $669.95 Regular price $745.99

The APR LPFP System features a 255 LPH high-pressure inline fuel pump that sits between the HPFP and the factory LPFP. The included APR Auxiliary ECU sits on the factory CAN bus and receives critical operating information from the factory ECU to accurately control the pump. As fueling demands increase and decrease, the APR Auxiliary ECU controls output of the pump to deliver the desired volume of fuel to the HPFP. By connecting to the factory CAN bus, the APR Auxiliary ECU eliminate the need for less sophisticated and often problematic methods of controlling the upgraded pump. Because the pump only runs when needed, less power is consumed, fuel temperature is lower and noise, especially at idle, is essentially non-existent. Finally, with the fuel line disconnected, with the click of a button the APR Auxiliary ECU allows the user to quickly and easily empty the vehicle's fuel tank to make way for switching to higher octane fuels or for dry storage and transportation.



    APR LPFP ECU, harness & bracket

    APR 255 LPH high pressure inline fuel pump & bracket

    OEM quality fuel lines, crimp clamps & quick connectors

    Clean and simple solution to OEM low pressure fueling system

    Allows for higher output calibrations with select APR Stage 3/3+ Turbocharger Systems.

    Integrated into factory CAN bus

    Quiet and cool low power operation, only on when needed

    Quick fuel tank emptying mode for use with switching fuel grades or dry storage/transportation

    No unintended side effects common with other parts

    No ECU software required

    Only needed where specified by APR

Please note, this system is not compatible with vehicles featuring an intank fuel filter and pressure regulator. This system does not directly fit the AWD A3.


Make Model Submodel Engine
Volkswagen Golf R All 2.0T
Volkswagen Tiguan 1 4 Motion 2.0T
Volkswagen Tiguan 2 4 Motion 2.0T