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Estimated shipping date: 05/28/2021

The APR Steering Wheel is beautiful, functional, and convenient to purchase. The top and bottom sections feature a carbon fiber weave, and the sides are motorsport inspired perforate leather with color matched stitching. The deep pocketed palm and thumb grooves on the sides give you a confidence-inspiring grip, and feel comfortable in your hands, as do the ergonomically shaped finger grooves at the top rear of the wheel. Beautifully cross stitched threads give the leather section an extra elegant touch that matches your interior's stitching. And lastly, the flat bottom gives you extra room for your legs, while also letting you know if the wheel is straight or not when tracking the car.


Simply put, we've made personalizing your steering wheel easy. This is our own design. We don't modify or wrap your existing wheel. We ship you a new wheel and you swap over your factory controls and airbag. There's no months of downtime without your car to ship out and modify your existing wheel, and there are no core fees. Simply swap, install, and enjoy!


Direct replacement. No core. No downtime.

Carbon fiber top and bottom

Motorsport inspired perforated leather sides

Ergonomically shaped finger, palm and thumb grooves

Flat bottom design

Red color matched cross-stitching on the leather

Inset APR logo plate

Specific designs for use with paddle shifters

Replacement 12mm triple square bolt included


❗Your factory airbag and controls are swapped over to this base unit and are not included.

❗Extra Fitment Info: This wheel is designed as a direct swap for the vehicles listed on the application guide. However, this wheel is swappable to a very large array of similar platform vehicles. To make the swap, you'll need to purchase an OEM airbag and controls / trim from one of the vehicles in which it was originally designed to fit.