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ARM Motorsports MK7 GTI FMIC KIT

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The ARM MK7 GTI FMIC gives your GTI up to 24whp and 26wtq by reducing intake air temperatures by 74%, making it one of the best upgrades you can do for your MK7 GTI.  The ARM MK7 FMIC is so efficient that it outperforms stock-location intercoolers that are almost twice it's size! "How?" you may ask.

The ARM MK7 GTI FMIC positions the intercooler in front of your radiator stack, the most efficient position to cool your Gen 3 EA888. This is where the intercooler can utilize the ambient air where it is coolest, before it passes through your other radiators and temperatures increase.
An intercooler upgrade is so essential for the MQB platform, that most tuners require an upgraded intercooler for flashing your MK7 with any tune above a basic stage 1 map.  Since we need an intercooler to make the power we want and keep our MK7 running efficiently, the best solution is to have an intercooler that is as small as possible while still keeping intake air temperatures (IAT) low.  This is exactly what the ARM MK7 FMIC Kit does. 


• MK7 FMIC Piping
• MK7 Mounting Brackets
•Ambient Temperature Sensor Relocation
• Silicone Couplers and Clamps 
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
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