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HALTECH Elite 750 - ECU Only

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The Elite 750 is an entry-level ECU offering many features available on the more advanced Elite 1500/2500 at an affordable price. Featuring a robust, environmentally sealed, waterproof case, 6 fuel and 6 ignition channels, on-board data logging and flex fuel tuning the Elite 750 is a powerful, compact ECU.

The Elite 750 ECU is calibrated via the Elite Software Programmer (ESP) - a powerful yet intuitive software that brings with it levels of functionality and ease of use never seen before in an engine control package.

* Waterproof case (IP67) (with USB cover fitted)
* 34 position AMP connector
* 6 x Fuel injection outputs (peak and hold  (0-8A peak / 0-2A hold)
* 6 x Ignition outputs
* 2 x Engine position inputs with extensive trigger  type support
* 2 x digital pulsed inputs
* 5 x digital pulsed outputs
* 2 x analogue voltage inputs
* 1 x throttle position input
* 1 x coolant temperature input
* 1 x air temperature input
* 1 x CAN Bus communication for Haltech CAN expansion
* Internal 3Bar MAP sensor rated up to 200kPa  of boost (2Bar/29psi)
* On-board data logging
* ESP calibration software
* Multi-fuel support. support for petrol (gasoline),  methanol and ethanol
* E85 flex fuel ready – direct connection to sensor
* User definable tables
* Closed loop O2 control – with long term learning
* Closed loop idle control – with learning for consistent  idle stability
* Single sensor VVT*
* Auto tune capabilities – short and long term fuel  and idle learning
* ECU comes fully enabled, no additional charges  for advanced features.
* Sequential, semi sequential, batch or multipoint  injection patterns
* Distributor ignition systems, multi-coil systems  or Haltech Multiplex CDI systems
* Load sensing by:
- Throttle Position Sensor (TPS),
- Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) or
- Mass Air Flow (MAF)
* Variable Cam Control supported for engines with a single cam sensor only, located on the variable cam. VVT Engines Supported – Toyota 1JZ/2JZ VVT, Toyota 1ZZ and 2ZZ , Mazda MX5 NB with VVT , Mazda / Ford Duratec, Suzuki M Series

* 1 to 8 cylinder engines
* 1 to 3 rotor engines
* Normally aspirated or forced induction

Elite 750 - ECU Only (includes Waterproof USB cap, USB programming cable and Software CD)