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IE 2.0T FSI Recirculating Catch Can Kit

Regular price $449.99

A catch can works well to catch all of the oil fumes that are omitted from the block and valve cover breathers. This removes the oil mist and blow-by that is found in the charge piping and intake system while greatly helping to reduce carbon buildup, which relates to power loss and poor drivability.

Our kit includes the breather adapters to plumb the catch can using the included -10AN hose. Our breather adapters replace the factory plastic breather connections that commonly crack or break on 1.8T engines. This complete kit removes the factory PCV components and plumbs the new catch can to the valve cover and block breather using the included billet breather adapters. This makes for an easy install that requires no custom fabrication or modifications. The catch can mounts in place of the factory relays, which get relocated into the wiring duct for a clean install.

This kit uses the Integrated Engineering vent-to-atmosphere catch can, which features our state-of-the-art baffle system to catch the oil mist and not let it pass back into the breather system. This flawless catch can is fully serviceable, easily disassembling if needed. Draining the catch can is simple with the use of the included T handle drain valve, no tools necessary. This beautiful piece is finished with a bright black anodize finish, which maintains a stealthy appearance while looking great in your engine bay.

Everything you need to upgrade the PCV system on your MK4 1.8T 20V engine is included with this kit, with a very simple installation that takes less than an hour to install on average. This kit allows the use of the factory engine cover if desired, and the entire install is completely reversible if it ever needs to be removed for any reason.

  • IE billet catch can
  • IE block breather adapter
  • IE valve cover breather
  • Perfect-fit braided nylon hose
  • All necessary adapter fittings
  • All necessary mounting hardware
  • Install instructions

Everything needed for installation of your new IE Catch Can Kit is included. The MK4 1.8T engine bay is tight and reliable mounting locations are limited. Modifying and relocation of the factory relay box is required and installation is recommended by a professional.


Audi - TT 2008-2015 (MK2 - 8J) Early 2.0T FSI EA113 (Timing belt engine) only
Audi - TTS 2008-2015 (MK2 - 8J) 2.0T
Audi - A3 2006-2013 (MK2 - 8P) Early 2.0T FSI EA113 (Timing belt engine) only
Audi - S3 2006-2013 (MK2 - 8P) 2.0T
VW - GTI 2006-2009 (MK5) Early 2.0T FSI EA113 (Timing belt engine) only
VW - Golf R 2012-2012 (MK6) 2.0T
VW - Jetta & Jetta GLI 2006-2010 (MK5) Early 2.0T FSI EA113 (Timing belt engine) only
VW - Passat 2006-2010 (B6) Early 2.0T FSI EA113 (Timing belt engine) only
VW - EOS 2006-2015 (1F7) Early 2.0T FSI EA113 (Timing belt engine) only
*This catch can kit will only work on early model 2.0T EA113 engines. You can verify your the correct engine if it is in the above chassis and is driven by a timing belt. If your engine is driven by a timing chain, you have an EA888 Gen1/Gen2 TSI engine and requires our IEBACC2 catch can kit.