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IE Intake Manifold Cold Air Intake Kit MK5 Rabbit & Jetta 2.5L

Regular price $399.99

This high-quality performance cold air intake kit is designed to make the installation of your IE 2.5L intake manifold easy with no-fuss or modifications.


  • IE 4-ply high-flow intake pipe
  • IE high-flow cotton air filter
  • IE black powder coat heat shield
  • IE black anodize billet MAF spacer
  • All clamps and hardware for installation

The market-leading IE 2.5L intake manifold was designed to put performance first, delivering the most power available from the 2.5L engine. In order to maximize the manifold, the runner and plenum volume and shapes have been drastically changed from the factory design. Due to these changes, the throttle body location has been moved, factory or aftermarket intakes will not directly fit.

The IE 2.5L intake manifold cold air intake is the performance solution for an easy direct-install intake when using an IE 2.5L intake manifold. This kit will connect your throttle body to your mass airflow sensor, and place the air filter right behind the driver's side headlight in a partitioned area with fresh airflow. Our specially-made intake pipe features provisions for the valve cover breather, block breather, and SAI pump, so nothing is left unplumbed.

Installation requires removal of the factory intake manifold, fuel injectors, fuel rail, PCV system components, factory intake, and other factory parts. Although the install is straightforward, serious engine damage can occur from incorrect installation and professional installation is recommended. Click here to download the install guide.

This intake is designed to fit when coupled with the IE 2.5L intake manifold only.
If your vehicle does not a secondary air injection pump from the factory, you will have to cut and plug the SAI tube on the bottom of the intake pipe using a 1" plug.

IE 2.5L 5 Cylinder Intake Manifold - IE Part Number: IEIMVB1
This cold air intake kit is designed to work with an IE intake manifold only. Looking for a stock manifold cold air intake upgrade? Check out our IE 2.5L Cold Air Intake (Part Number: IEINCB1)